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Funny how hard it seems to write about ones self but here it goes.

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, who once retired, found that I had enough time (finally) to find out what I really like doing. That turned out to be Photography. Where do I want to go with it, well, my main goal is to follow my passion with my husband, special times, and good memories with family and friends. Living this wonderful God giving life!

I started out with a Nikon D/90 beginners Dlsr camera for mostly taking family pictures, which I love doing. Than during our travels to our camp in northern Maine, I captured my first picture of a moose in the wild. It was that very moment, I found my “Passion”, my “Happy Place”. Fortunely for me, my husband Billy and our good friends at camp also love being in the wild. It is because of them that I am able to be out and about in the vastness of the wilderness hunting with my camera.

After many years beating up my trusted old d/90 Dlsr, I now have a Nikon D/850 with only one lens right now. A Nikkor 70-200 ED VR III f/2.8. The combination is un-believable. I have much to learn about using it. I am dreaming of a Nikkor f/1.4 lens to add to my bag.

I really like BetterPhoto for sharing photos. I have learned so much just from the feed back one gets and from the contests. The contests are helping self educate on what a really great photo is. Everyone is so willing to share. Currently, taking a coarse in BetterPhoto and will be taking more.

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Kathleen Holcomb Johnson